Any Pastor Who Summons The Spirit Of The Dead For Interrogation Is Fake – Prophetess Vivian Boakye

The founder and leader of Heaven Of Yaweh Prayer Ministry at Nsutam in the fanteakwa South district in the eastern region has revealed that any pastor or man of God who summons the spirit of the dead for interrogation is not working for the true God.

According to Prophetess Vivian Boakye, who is popularly called Eno, all these pastors who claim to summon spirits of the dead and living are fake.

In a studio discussion with Obido Nana Gyasi on Radio 1 on Sunday 18th April 2021on Necromancy, Eno argued with Deuteronomy 18 that God said it’s abomination and therefore does not subscribe to pastors practicing Necromancy.

“Nana, I don’t agree with anyone who claims to summon the spirits of the dead let alone that of the living. If any pastor does that he/she is not working for the one and true God we are worshiping” – Prophetess Vivian Boakye said.

The nation prophetess maintained that the practice of Necromancy is a sin and added that it’s abomination and therefore must not be entertained.

“Why would Saul at the time fill with God’s spirit kill all Necromancers if the practices were good?” – Prophetess Vivian Boakye asks.

While the practice of Necromancy is gradually gaining grounds with some pastors in Ghana, the prophetess advises that Christians should be careful how they deal with them.

Prophetess Vivian Boakye came to limelight when she laced a call against women who put on trousers.

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By: Nana Gyasi | Radio 1 | Ghana

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